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Updated: Jul 21, 2020

This writing is to help you get familiar with our process. We call it our project life cycle. We will cover all the phases of a major project below and help facilitate any questions you may have along the way.


During the design phase, we most likely have met and you presented us with a project and

you have received a rough estimate of the project in order to open the floor for discussion

on your budget, needs vs. wants and the overall plan of your project. We take this

discussion and design the system provide all technical specs, dimensions and any

supporting information needed for all trades involved in this project. We then schedule the



We usually wait for Electrical, HVAC and plumbing contractors have completed or are at

least 90% complete with their runs. During this phase we run all required wiring for your

project. We include boxes and conduit if needed and identify the distribution center where

all of your equipment will rest. We work well with the other trades by coordinating our

plans, and discuss any changes needed (e.g. additional power, location of HVAC,

integration, etc). All cables are UL Listed, CMR & FT4-rated for fire safety in the USA and

Canada. Cables will be bundled neatly and prepared for any type of insulation.


During this phase of work is completed after the walls have been insulated, installed and

prepped for paint. We will inspect all wiring, label, terminate where necessary and test all

cables for continuity. Any additional cuts into the sheetrock where needed will be

completed at this phase and prepare equipment rack for installation of electronics once

painting is complete.


By this time we have received all equipment, unboxed, calibrated and programmed the

electronics at the office to ensure all components are ready for installation. Once installed

the equipment is tested once again and calibrated to meet the room specifications. We will

prepare for a demonstration, training and a hand off of all documentation, instructions,

warranty information and as-built plans of your project. We offer 90 days of on call service

support and free remote services if something should go haywire we can troubleshoot

remotely at any time or day. For continued support services after the 90 days please ask for

pricing at any time if you are interested. We Look forward to working with you

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