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Choose your pricing plan

  • ClareOne Basic

    Basic Interactive gives homeowners remote and local control.
    Free Plan
    • Full control over all of Clare’s smart home features
    • Created scenes, schedules, automations, and notififications
    • Excludes security features
    • No time limits
  • ClareOne Interactive

    Every month
    Self-monitor their security System
     30 day free trial
    • Full control of Clare’s smart home automation and security
    • Self-monitor security push notifications, email, or text
  • Interactive Plus

    Every month
    Professional monitoring services through a Central Station
    • Enables central station alarm reporting over the Network
    • Includes the option to self-monitor
    • All features from lower Tiers
  • Interactive Plus LTE

    Every month
    Interactive Plus LTE tier enables LTE back up service
    • All options of lessor tiers
    • LTE backup incase of power failure
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